We Propose our Cancellaton & Refunds policy based on each project by dividing work into Phases. All projects divided into Alpha / Beta / QA / Final delivery as mentioned in the scope of work document.

As there is time spent to achieve every Phase and complete every module, a refund is not be possible for work already completed.

In the event of a project terminated on a mutual basis, the client has control of all completed work and any payment for further development will become void. No previous payment or deposit would be refunded. No payment will be refunded once the client approves mockup designs and we move into the development phase of the project.

We do not offer refunds for Graphic Design project, Web Development projects, software application projects, Ecommerce projects, Mobile app development project on deposits or payments for projects that are abandoned for more than 30 days.

SEO and digital marketing packages are not refundable, but the client may cancel with a notice written 30 days in advance.